Bath Kaposvár Libraries Decide to Connect (2013-2015)

Jim Cook’s 2011 Book presenation to Bath Central Library started a trail similar to the crime investigatory game “Cludo” which led to a dialogue, all aided and abetted by BKTA member Cyd LeeFox who assiduously captured books, CDs and DVDs from people, friends and well-wishers. She then miraculously and regularly dispatches via a well-disposed Hungarian carrier to Kaposvár’s City Library. As the donated loot piled up in Kaposvár, the precious duly signed partnership letters arrive during 2012/13. June Wentland from Bath Library and Cyd accept an invitation to take part in a 2013 Kaposvár EU Citizen Workshop, it facilites face-to-face time with Katalin Horváth, Kaposvár’s Chief Librarian. Later June exclaims; “I love the tree lined streets, the sculpture of a women outside the Kaposvár’s library celebrating the work of the mainly female staff who work there. Making personal contact will truly help to build this most vital link between Bath and Kaposvár”.

Bath Kaposvar Twinning Association EU Presentation


Later, Kinga Futo Kaposvár’s International Officer enabled Peter of BKTA to enjoy with Katalin the unveiling of the procured evidence, three years in the making of effort by everyone, now a reality and surely a day to be remenbered!

Since then:

  • The Friends of Salford Library wish to read translated books recommended by Kaposvár, ‘The Door’ by Magda Szabo, also to become a film starring Helan Mirren
  • The Twinning Association helps Bath Central Library to purchase more books/DVDs
  • A special display case on Kaposvár is on show for three months
  • The BKTA invited by the Library to a 2014 New Year reception on Bath Twinned Towns and the now established BKTA Library to Library Connection well profiled
    Jim Cook, two students Táncsics school, Cyd LeeFox, Katalin Marton

    Jim Cook, two students Táncsics school, Cyd LeeFox, Katalin Marton

  • Kaposvár Library creates an entertaining vote of thanks to the BKTA for another 2014 delivery, circulated locally in Kaposvár and attracts social media
  • August 2014 sees the Bath Library initiate the ‘Big Read’, which introduces a Hungarian Folk Tale to young readers

On-going 2014/15 liaison is consolidating the Bath-Kaposvár Library Partnership, Bath Library articles and newsletters are generously translated from English to Hungarian for the benefit of all age groups – truly enriching and fun.

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