Bath Walcot and Kaposvár Music Lovers exchange

During a visit to Kaposvár in October 2012 Peter was able to meet Ani Pytel, musical director of a choir in Kaposvár known as the ‘Music Lovers. Su Hart of the Bath Walcot State Choir keen to forge a link liaised via the BKTA and Kinga Futo; Kaposvár’s International Officer that enabled Peter to witness a wonderful Music Lovers rehearsal session at the Táncsics School.

Ani Pytel conductor, music lovers in action

With the two choirs now in contact, Zsuzsa, a BKTA member assisted the Walcot State choir to master singing in Hungarian and prepare for 35 Music Lovers and drivers to come all the way from Kaposvár to Bath by coach in April 2013 to sing. This laid the foundation for Su and the choir to go on an exchange visit to Kaposvár later in September.

The music lover with the Mayor of Bath

The Music Lovers gave two concerts in Bath, St Peter’s Church at Englishcombe and St Michael’s without Church. Both were met with great success and the people of Bath rose to the occasion in true high octane style applause, punctuated by numerous encore calls.

Ani Patel with the music lovers in Bath

Rosie of Walcot designed and presented a magnificent banner for Ani Pytel to take back home on their coach with Cyd of BKTA loading boxes of donated books, CD/DVDs to strengthen the Bath-Kaposvár library partnership.

Rosie of Walcot and her magnificent banner for Ani

The Mayor of Bath met three members of the Walcot State Choir in the Parlour on the 19 June to hear about their return exchange at the invitation of the Kaposvár Music Lovers and he commented:

“Twinning does give opportunities to learn from each other through music which transcends language barriers”

Su Hart with members of the Walcot State Choir

Forty-two members of the Bath Walcot State Choir took part in a return exchange concert with the Music Lovers Choir in Kaposvár. In rehearsal Walcot learnt several Hungarian folk songs led again by Zsuzsa to enable them to give a programme that the people of Kaposvár would welcome as part of the September EU Citizen Workshop programme.

A remarkable concert ensured that drew inspiration from across the world to a full house audience. The Hungarian folk songs received rapturous applause and showed cultural diversity at its best with vigour and respect. Here twinning came into its own with warmth from Walcot singers:

Dear Twinning Association – October 2013

‘The exchange was a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t have missed for the world’ – Annie

‘To meet again the lovely members of the choir we hosted in April – a wonderful feeling of meeting family again’Emma

‘Our impression were of very generous people, who loved their family and were proud of their city, their past folk lore and heritage’Gloriax

‘Always read about twinning – but until this musical exchange between two choirs – I hadn’t actually understood – It’s about making connections and friendships and through music, there are no barriers’Grace

The Twinning Association worked informally with both choirs and was able to give a grant of £250 to each choir as a contribution towards travel costs.

Jim Cook hands BKTA cheque to Walcot State Choir

Peter gives BKTA grant to Ani Pytel, Music Lovers

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