Exhibition – Borderline

I am a student and just finished my second year – part time FdA Art course at Bath Spa University. As part of my end of 2nd year, a condition module to organize an exhibition and display my recent work had to be completed.

The exhibition took place at the Walcot Chapel Art Gallery, Bath between17 – 23rd June. I was exhibiting 2 and 3 dimensional works that explored the human body and head, supported by a philosophical / conceptual explanation. The show was called ‘ Borderline.’

Borderline represents the feeling of betweenness, a line that divides and defines who we are as individuals. This is the main element of my work at present, working with feelings and thoughts, translating them through my work by capturing what we are and showing how our life is in the state of betweenness – on the ‘borderline’. Between something and nothing. Using both of my hands to draw or paint I am between. Standing between nothing and something. So In my work a simple line is not just a line, a simple form is not just a form they have a purpose. They represent “what is inside” – my feelings and thoughts.

The exhibition would not have happened or possibly ended with a less successful outcome if I had not had support from many BKTA members, including Peter. His past experience and advice helped me to manage and promote my exhibition, which with all the comments from Twinning Association friends enabled me to complete my academic year with a successfully exhibition and continue developing my professional career as an artist.

The public reception to my exhibition was unexpected. In Six days over 200 visitors came to the Gallery to see the work. Approximetly 30-35 % of the visitors appeared as a result of BKTA member marketing activity.

For more information, please visit: www.zsoltdudas.co.uk

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