Kaposvár & Bath Library Interchange

In January 2010 a member of the Twinning Association, Jim Cook realised his idea to create a tangible inter-library link between the twin cities of Bath and Kaposvár.

A lavishly illustrated biography of one of Kaposvár’s sons and today internationally recognised as one Hungary’s great painters, Joseph Rippl-Rónai was gifted to June Brassington, the manager of the Bath & N.E. Somerset Central Library in Bath.

Jim Cook presenting the book of Joseph Rippl-Rónai

Jim Cook presenting the book of Joseph Rippl-Rónai

Joseph Rippl-Rónai was born in Kaposvár in 1861and studied in Munich and Paris before working in Budapest and Kaposvár, where he died in 1927. While in Paris he was a student of the Hungarian artist Michael von Munkácsy and Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery has one of his paintings on display as you go upstairs to the main gallery.

June said she would be planning to set up a section and small permanent exhibition in the Bath library devoted to Kaposvár and to Hungary in general. It would contain information about the city, its history and an introduction to the many visitor attractions.

June expressed her delight in receiving the gift and proposed it would be good to create links between Bath and Kaposvár libraries. She has now written to the Director of the County and City Library suggesting an exchange of ideas, how the two cities run their library services and to see if contacts between staff could be arranged.

The BKTA delegation that went to the 2010 May ‘Painters Festival’ was able to meet with and say hello to the Kaposvár Library staff and its director. Since then letters confirming the inter library link have been exchanged.

Twinning Association members and friends are gathering together a range of publications on Kaposvár and Hungary for gifting to June’s planned library display. If you have anything you can give, do please contact Valerie Inwood at 01225 317285.

In the autumn of 2010, our member Cyd Leefox managed co-ordinate and dispatch the first delivery of books and other publications for the Kaposvár City Library. Another is planned for 2011.

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