What is a Soundbeam?

Soundbeam is an award-winning device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into digitally generated sound and image.

In March 2008 the Bath Phil’s musical director, Jason Thornton and Julie Payne, schools music educationalist went to Kaposvár on an exchange project to introduce music teaching in schools, English style! They spent 5 fantastic days in the city working with and learning from music teachers and students engaged in the art of making music. Later in the week they were with the aid of the remarkable Soundbeam technology able to encourage children with learning difficulties to enjoy creating their own compositions through physical movement.

The Twinning Association and the Bath Phil are currently mounting a series of fund raising initiatives to match the budget set aside by the City of Kaposvár, so that people of Kaposvár can have their own Soundbeam.

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